LifeFit Exercise Ball With Hand Pump – Non-Slip/Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Metal Free Yoga Ball – Core Balance Ball 65cm – Able to Withstand 600lbs – Best Anti-Burst Stability Ball For Exercise and Physical Therapy ・Comes With 100% Guarantee・Recommended By Trainers – (Free Ebook Included)

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Product Description

Never Have To Purchase Another Exercise Ball Again!

The secret to finding a GOOD QUALITY exercise ball, is to find one that will benefit you whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast. LifeFit Active Sports is dedicated to providing quality and satisfaction when it comes to our exercise balls.

These balls can be used for beginner, intermediate and/or advanced training.

~Sean Larson~ Pro All Natural Body Builder - As a trained Fitness Professional, I highly recommend utilizing the LifeFit Exercise Ball to all of my fellow trainers and colleagues.

Provided for the safety of the user, LifeFit Exercise Balls also have a non-slip surface which will help prevent injury and also allow the user to keep control of his/her balance when using on a wet or damp surface.

Other Main Benefit/Features:

✓ Improve Flexibility And Cardiovascular Combined With A Low Or High Impact Workout

✓ Helps Build Overall Muscle Tone For The Entire Body

✓ Helps Stabilize Lower Back When Combined With Back Pain

✓ Conditions The Inner Core Muscles For Stability And Balance

✓ Impact Free Exercise Helps Relieve Strain On Joints

✓ Made Of An Anti-Burst Material

✓ Available In One Size And Color (65cm)-Blue

✓ Can Be Easily Deflated For Storage Or Transportation

✓ Comes With Hand Pump

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Once you receive your exercise ball, open the package, take out our high quality exercise ball inside, insert the pump into the ball and inflate it to it's proper size. Once done, insert the plug and begin your journey to a stronger, healthier and better you!


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