Freemotion Incline Trainer i7.7

Freemotion Incline Trainer i7.7

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Inspired by the success of the powerful, commercial Incline Trainer, Freemotion developed the light commercial grade Incline Trainer i7.7. Named a Top Treadmill in Runners World Magazine (February 2008), the Incline Trainer i7.7 gives you an intense incline workout that is ideal for serious training and weight loss. This innovative trainer features an incline of up to 30 percent, higher than most club treadmills. The QuickTouch feature allows you to adjust your incline in 0.5 percent increments with the simple touch of a button. Research indicates that walking at inclines of 18 percent and above provides low-impact, exercise that burns 3 times more calories than running at 6 mph and zero incline. With a speed range of 0.5-12 mph and the power of a 5.0 HP Direct Rear Velocity System (DRVS) motor, this Freemotion Trainer is one of the most unique and versatile on the market. The combination of the high torque, AC speed control motor and the ingenious urethane isolators creates additional cushioning as the deck is able to give with every step. Built-in programs such as the Interval, Fit Test and All Terrain help sprinters, runners, and athletes of all kinds to improve their speed and strength. Research shows that interval hill training is an especially good method to increase sprint time and pace for those sports that require short bursts of speed (soccer, tennis, football etc.). Heart rate is monitored and displayed via contact sensors or a polar compatible wireless chest strap. Speed, pace, distance, time, incline, calories, calories per hour, mets and pulse are displayed on the large, high resolution LCD console. And, with the integrated fan and speakers you can keep cool on three different settings while listening to your favorite music from your CD or MP3 player! Get the benefits of professional-grade cardio, weight loss and all-over fitness training in the comfort of your own home with the premium Incline Trainer i7.7.


  • + DRVSTM Motor Direct Rear Velocity System, a self-cooling 5.0 HP high torque AC speed control motor, positioned in the back of the machine for a smoother running surface.
  • + Lift Motor Specifically designed for the Incline Trainer, this AC lift motor provides 1500 lbs. of lift force for smooth, consistent deck movement and stabilization.
  • + Maintenance-free Belt The 22" x 60" commercial grade, belt requires no lubrication for years of smooth, consistent use.
  • + Integrated Speakers Users can plug in their CD or MP3 player directly into the console via a standard audio cable to listen to their favorite music through the integrated speakers.
  • + Heart Rate Pulse information can be displayed on the console via contact sensors or Polar® compatible wireless chest strap.

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