Foam Roller. 36 Inch. Ideal for Muscle Massage and Physical Therapy. High Density Extra-firm, Great for Trigger Points, Professional Grade. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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High Density Foam Rollers by Platinum Fitness are perfect for balance, positioning, postural training, muscle re-education, spinal stabilization, coordination, body awareness and range-of-motion and strengthening activities. Platinum Fitness foam rollers help gently stretch muscles and tendons. They are also effective at breaking down soft tissue adhesion and scar tissue. Employ your own body weight to perform self-massage, help with trigger points and soothe tight fascia. Foam Rollers have been used by professional healthcare workers and trainers for years to help increase bloodflow and circulation in soft tissues. Used correctly they are extremely effective at helping to improve flexibility and range of motion and are also used to decrease pain and soreness. Studies have shown that foam rollers are an effective tool to aid with myofascial release to help relieve many types of muscle and joint pain such as IT band stiffness and shin splints. Platinum Fitness Foam Rollers are designed and manufactured in the USA and are the same premium foam rollers used by professional healthcare workers and sports trainers across the country. Designed by leading health and fitness authority and nationally recognized speaker Dawn Wiggins RPN. Dawn has been featured on CBS, NBC, CBS and FOX. Platinum Fitness rollers can be found in hospitals, physiotherapy clinics, rehab centers, commercial gyms, and numerous other commercial settings- a testament the quality, reliability, durability and effectiveness of this best-in-class product.


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