Ab Roller Wheel – AB-WOW Dragon Melts Fat and Tones Abdominal Muscle in Every Workout with 3 wheels and Brake, Portable Core Fitness Trainer Equipment

AB WOW Dragon Ab Roller, 3 Wheel Abdominal Exercise Workout Machine

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Product Description

Awaken the fitness beast inside you and look better than you have in years with the AB WOW Dragon tri-wheel portable trainer.

It's one of the best fitness machines to get perfect abs sculpted in steel. An abdominal roller wheel is better than sit-ups or crunches to tone up your stomach and core, lose weight, trim your waist, drop belly fat and feel amazing.

Challenge yourself to be a trimmer you and push your workouts to the max with this incredible piece of abs exercise equipment.

Training with the AB WOW Dragon's three-wheel design is simple to use for all skill and fitness levels, from beginner to advanced pro. It's a sturdy abdominal roller wheel and not flimsy like most other abdominal roller wheels.

Comfortable foam grip handles and strong axle support with smooth rolling wheels make it perfect for any body weight up to 400 lbs.

The Dragon can also be converted into narrow pushup handles by using the brake stopper for support to achieve the perfect push up.

Ideal home fitness equipment for women and men.

Included illustrated instruction guide shows you great and effective exercises to try.

Included inside each box:
- AB WOW Dragon fully assembled
- Brake that can convert to push up bar
- Comfortable Kneepad
- Color Exercise Instruction Guide

Effectively works all these body parts:
- Abdominals
- Shoulders
- Arms
- Chest
- Back
- Core

What are you waiting for? Order your AB WOW Core Dragon today!


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  • Protect your back while reducing stomach fat with the 3 wheel triangular design and stopper brake that helps you stay in control.
  • Sculpts more than just abs, no matter your age. Fat burning core exercise equipment that works your chest, shoulders, arms, and stomach.
  • Compact, easy to store excercize equipment. Perfect for travel and days you can't get to the gym. Get a great ab workout anywhere you are.
  • Pre-assembled ab machine starts working on your six pack abs immediately. Best of all, it glides smoothly on all floor types.
  • The AB WOW Core Dragon comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Lifetime guarantee on all parts.

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